Digital Signage Solutions - Retail Stores
 Digital Signage Solution for Retail Stores

With increasing competition,there are desires from retailers to find ways to make their customers'shopping experience a rewarding one which leads to increased purchases and future offers a complete,unique solution for this challenging industry.With our digital signage solutions,you can effectively and conveniently communicate with your customers to improve corporate communication,increase sales,improve branding,or improve customer satisfaction. You can also timely share your advertising campaigns and product information.
 Where To Use

We suggest to use digital signage in the front of the store and various locations inside the store.You can also use touch screens so your customer can interactively communicate with your system.

Store Front: You can display greeting messages,store environment and any promotions or sale information to attract potential customers.

Store Inside: You can place LCD TVsat various locations inside the store. You can display company information,any promotions or sale information to encourage your customers to shop.

Touch Screen TV: To many consumers,the approach of sales staff is perceived to be an interruption and undue pressure to buy something.With the touch screen TV,your customers can get information about your store or your company,services,supports and your products.So your customers feel comfortable and could potentially buy products which they otherwise wouldn't if sales staff was with them.The system can capture statistical analysis data about the customer interacted products and contents for future marketing purposes.

Store Front
Store Inside
Touch Screen TV
. Value Added Services
  • Content Management: Centralized content management makes it easier to manage displays in each individual store.You can display corporate wide,regional or local store specific information.
  • Device Monitoring: You can monitor the status of each display device.You can also turn it on or off.
  • Advertisement: You can display advertisements from your vendors to develop your potential revenue source.