Digital Signage Solutions - Others
 Digital Signage Solution for Schools's digital signage solution has been used by schools and universities. The system allows schools to display instant multimedia content across campuses or between compuses. You can have a hierachical content management structure with the school board in full control.Your students are informed with the most recent information about class schedules,school events,food service,and other related information.
 Digital Signage Solution for Auto Dealers

To many consumers,the approach of car salesman is perceived to be an interruption and undue pressure to buy the car.With's digital signage system,you can deploy very informative contents about vehicles,services and customer support so your customers feel less invasive.If the content is about the vehicle the customer is interested in,you will catch and hold their attention.If your customers feel comfortable and happy,they will most likely buy the vehicle.
 Digital Signage Solution for Corporate Communications

Companies can use's digital signage solution to communicate with their employees about any information,such as corporate news,employee benefits information, Employee Training,Employee Recognition,job postings,sales and production information,and live stock market information. In case of an emergency,this is a powerful alerting tool.

Corporate,sectors and divisions can also broadcast information to all offices at the same time, or at specific time intervals.