Digital Signage Solutions - Hotel / Motel
 Digital Signage Solution for Hospitality

A lot of world's top hotels/resorts use's digital signage solutions to communicate with their guests and visitors offers a complete,unique solution for hospitality industry for you to communicate with your guests and visitors through LCD TV,touch screen TV in the lobbies, conference rooms,dining halls,guest rooms,elevators and hallways.You can control each individual TV what to display and what time to display.System administrators can update information centrally and instantly.
 Where To Use

We suggest to use digital signage in lobbies,conference rooms,restaurants,guest rooms and hallways.You can effectively communicate with your guests and visitors about your hotel or resort and services available.

Lobby and Guest Room: Display hotel information,events,party information, local information and attractions.You can also display local news/weather,and airline information.

Dining Hall: Depending on different dinning schedules, you can set display intervals and display greeting messages,and menu pictures.You can also display promotions or any other information to encourage your guests to consume.

Conference Rooms: Based on the conference room reservation,you can display information about specific meetings,such as greeting messages,meeting information and schedules.

Dinning Hall
Meeting Room
Value Added Services
  • Communication: You can communicate with your guests and visitors with information about your hotel or resort,including guest room information, and conference room information.You can also display restuarant menus,any promotions and local traffic information.Your guests and visitors will get most of the information needed or interested,thus increasing the quality and efficiency of the service.
  • Advertisement: You can display advertisements from other local restuarants,attractions and entertainment. This is your potential revenue source.
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