Signagelink provides digital signage solutions for the Tongzhou District Government Service Center

Tongzhou District Government Service Center is composed of five single buildings, including the Citizen Service Center, Library, Cultural and Museum Center, Archives, and Women and Children Service Center. It is a public place that directly provides comprehensive services to citizens, aiming to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of citizens and showcase the city's civilized and innovative image. As a partner of the Tongzhou District Government Service Center project, Signagelink has provided the installation and deployment of the digital signage for the entire center.

According to the modern digital requirement ofTongzhou District Government Service Center, Signagelink has built a multimedia information publishing and management platform that integrates digitalization, intelligence, and self-service devices. The platform drives 230 digital service windows in the Civic Center, and each window will display real-time information on service items, staff information, work number information, and queue number information. In addition, Signagelink has also deployed dozens of wall-mounted all-in-one displays and interactive all-in-one kiosks for the center, displaying queue information, service guides, and service center promotions in different areas. The interactive all-in-one kiosks also provide self-service functions such as service navigation, self-help inquiry, and self-help ticket collection for the public, making it convenient for them to handle related matters quickly.