NICE Group joins hands with Signagelink to use digital signage in its new building

  As a large-scale enterprise of daily chemical products, NICE Group owns brands such as Diao Pai, Dove,Soline, Super, NICE, Healthy White, Centaine, Li Character, and Magic natural and so on.Its products are exported to Europe, Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia, the United States, New Zealand, and other regions and countries. Recently, NICE Group completed the intelligent upgrade project of its factory. This project was created by the professional intelligent digital signage brand Signagelink and implemented by Signagelink.

  The project uses the Enterprise Edition software and all-in-one displays,mainly deployed in a 23-story R&D laboratory building and a 5-story factory building, including a canteen and a single-story underground parking garage at the company's factory. The deployment of digital devices mainly focuses on people-oriented, allowing each employee to obtain the greatest information convenience in the workspace. In terms of device selection, all-in-one displays of different sizes and specifications such as 32 inches, 46 inches, and 55 inches are chosen according to different installation environments. The Signagelink Enterprise Edition software provides an intelligent digital information system for the base and seamlessly connects with the base's management system, realizing the digitalization of information release in the factory production and R&D environment. Management personnel can publish and update factory information in real-time through the platform, providing all employees with the latest production information, personnel arrangements, notices, intelligent navigation, and so on.