Lucheng Rural Commercial Bank Building introduces the Signagelink digital signage.

  Lucheng Rural Commercial Bank Building in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, which is the starting point of China's private economy development and the forefront of reform and opening up. The completion of the building has further promoted the improvement of financial service levels for the local economy and the people of Wenzhou. In order to further enhance the bank's image and brand influence, Lucheng Rural Commercial Bank Building has introduced the Signagelink digital signage and carried out comprehensive deployment in various floors and lobby outlets of the building.

  The Signagelink digital signage system is on a unique Web-based mode and has built a complete networked digital information service platform for the office building. This connects the entire office building, including placing LCD display at important locations such as elevator entrances and waiting areas on each floor. With the help of the Signagelink digital signage, administrators can easily view the information display and system operation of each displays in the control room, achieving remote control.

  The application of the Signagelink digital signage has significantly improved the information sharing mechanism within the bank and is more in line with the bank's image building and brand influence promotion.