Taizhou Bank completes system upgrade with the integration of Signagelink digital signage.

Taizhou Bank is an excellent example of using digital signage to deploy a digital system for its branches. Recently, the bank has launched a digital system upgrade project for its more than 600 branches all over the China. As the exclusive digital system provider for Taizhou Bank, Signagelink has provided technical and equipment support for the system upgrade.

With the development of digital technology and the improvement of customer experience in bank branches, intelligent signage, self-service integrated machines, and high-definition display terminals have become the latest popular products and important goals for the upgrading and transformation of bank branches. In the digital system upgrade project of Taizhou Bank, Signagelink designed a complete turnkey solution for them. The solution not only includes the latest financial information release system but also covers the latest terminal display equipment. After the implementation of the project, the overall unified management efficiency and customer service level of the entire branch have been greatly improved, the effect of the interactive marketing system is more prominent, especially the application of intelligent signage and the improvement of high-definition display quality. The competition in the financial industry's business outlets has increasingly focused on the creation of customer experience. Digital signage, as the digital core of customer service in business outlets, needs more intelligent functions and terminal display support. As a leader in the field of financial digital systems, Signagelink has always been at the forefront of the industry, bringing the most advanced and competitive digital solutions to banks with its strong technical strength and rich project experience.