Hangzhou Xihu State Guesthouse
Signagelink-Case Study
  • Background:
    Hangzhou Xihu State Guesthouse,also called Liu's Villa,lies on the West Lake. The hotel faces the lake on three sides,with Dingjiashan behind it,holding an area of 3.6 million square meters, stretching two kilometers along the lake. The hotel has 8 buildings with over one hundred years of history. Many world leaders have stayed in the hotel. Hangzhou Xihu State Guesthouse selected digital signage solution from SignageLink.com as a means to improve communication with guests to enhance guest satisfaction.

  •  Usages:
    The digital signage is used in lobbies,conference rooms,restaurants,and hallways to inform guests and visitors with the following information:
          • Hotel information
          • Local map
          • Events
          • Local news/weather
          • Local attractions,entertainment
          • Airline information
Signagelink-Case Study
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